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Monday, March 14, 2011

February update from the Country Kitchen!

WOW! I am so late with this post!! February was a good month out here on the prairie. We managed to get the goat pens finished and our goats are now home. We are still in the getting-to-know-you stage, so I am only seeing a little of their personalities right now, but little by little they are allowing me to be part of their pack!
Since February was such a short month we were able to stretch our grocery dollars pretty easily, and ended up totaling our costs at $250 for the month!! That includes: food, cleaning and laundry supplies, dog supplies, and toiletries! We only shopped once and that really seems to be the key...just simply staying away from the stores makes a HUGE difference! I am pretty sure I did not use the dryer for laundry through all of February, but have already used it once this month because I managed to get too far behind! Last week was so busy, and one thing about hanging laundry is that you need the time...so getting behind is not an option if it can be helped!! The kids were asked yesterday how they like it out here...if they miss their old home...and there were enthusiastic replies of "We love it!!", and "No!"...I do worry about the social aspects of being out here, but, so far, almost every other week, we have had one or another of their friends here to spend the night or visit...couple that with how busy we have been in learning so many new things and for right now, at least, I think they're doing pretty good.

Mama Wilma, she will have babies soon!! to me, it looks like she's carrying twins....we shall see!
Mr. B(ahhh)b walking!
This is Mama Wilma! She is the leader, not shy at all but very cautious..yesterday she finally let me pet her. She is often pretty mean to Betsy, and if I am petting Betsy she will shue her away!

This is Betsy, I call her Bitsy-Betsy since she is small...she is so shy and sweet!

B(ahhh)b has such a personality!! He loves to play!
Our new little bunnies! Aren't they cute?!!
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Sharon said...

I just love your prairie life! The goats are gorgeous and the bunnies are the cutest ever. Can't wait to see baby goat pictures!


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