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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Adding to the herd...

Last week we took a drive to a "farm" sale that was being held about 45 miles from home. We ended up meeting some very nice like-minded people! It felt so good to be able to share what we're learning, and to learn from others... My soul has been thirsty for conversation with others who are doing what we do!
We met a man who owns a sheep farm and since Glenn is very interested in learning about sheep (for food and lawn control!), we decided to take a drive out to his ranch. OH MY is all can say!! These guys are just SO cute!!! The babies will not be ready until December, so we did NOT come home with sheep, but.....
I just love this picture! I love the way they were staring me down lol!
My handsome man and beautiful daughter...
Beautiful daughter #2!
We did end up visiting another farm...I had been looking for a buck to add to our herd of goats and we met a woman who had several for sale. I just fell in LOVE with these little ones!! They were male and female, and we could have brought them both home for a very reasonable price BUT they were soooo tiny...and cute!! BUT NOT practical...we use our goats for milk and these guys would definitely be hard to hand milk..so we did NOT come home with them :-(
This handsome guy was a great size, but not for sale.
Here is a picture of the greeting committee..
This beautiful doe was promised to another, so we didn't bring her home either....
This is Winter and SHE came HOME!! Isn't she gorgeous? AND she is pregnant! What a great personality she has, and her Mahhh! is SO different than any of those in our current herd! She is adjusting to the others beautifully and finding her place in the pecking order...so far I think she is going to be second in command behind Wilma, but its too early to tell.


Anonymous said...

Not adding to our herd since we're pretty much retired from goats so we're just enjoying the 24 we have now!

No sheep for us, we raised those first and it would be flock for sheep and herd for goats.



Livin' out loud said...

...so maybe soon we'll have a herd and a flock heehee!

Anonymous said...

Yep! LOL, you can actually them whatever you want though but we used to raise Shetland sheep but we're more goat people though.


*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

St Croix sheep?? We raised those on a farm we managed. The Ram was very friendly despite never being handled. The does had had very little human contact so were quite wild but we had a few babies that were handled and had started being more friendly.
Lovely doe you brought home!


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