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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Confucius Museum and the Social Affairs/Changsha

Suddenly Mikala has decided that having a big brother can work to her advantage....she has him WRAPPED. We are still working on Daddy, she will cry when he holds her but if I leave the room she will stop. Dad got on the floor and played with her yesterday and she enjoys that. She hates water and bathtime. It will take her some time to realize that this is just another place to play. Her walking is not good. She has not yet walked without assistance and so far shows no desire to move more than her upper body when she wants something. She has excellent upper body coordination though, so we attribute the delay to lack of opportunity to walk and cruise. She has a good bit of temper also and does NOT like to share....I am going to have to work on that so she and cousin Connor will be able to play peacefully lol.


Pastor George said...

Delighted at progress! ! ! ! ! !
Trust in the LORD for the rest.

andrea said...

hey guys we are excited to see you together with the baby its finally real we love you all. andrea pat & chris

Nancy Korb said...

Susie...you're getting her right at the beginning of the terrible twos. She's just beginning to try a little independence so she is displaying temper. Perfectly normal for her age group.

Nancy Korb said...

Logan...you're a gonner and it's obvious from the look on your face. And she's well aware. LOL.

Nancy Korb said...

Susie, try getting her a walker when you get home. Then let her rip...she'll take off and be just fine.


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