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Monday, March 20, 2006

New Family

2006-03-21 "but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out,"Abba Father!" Romans 8:15 Praise: The Father for his grace and mercy and all His blessing. Yesterday we receive our daughter"Mikala Yin"; she beautiful and appears healthy-except for a cold. Mikala has a set of lungs and she slept over 11hours. Very picking when it comes to feeding-she did not take the bottle at all. She prefers to be spoon fed, loves congee(egg&water souffle) and rice. Mikala bonded to Susie, which is normal-but she having difficulty excepting a family unit(Logan & myself). Again coming out of an orphanage we figure she would bond to only one of us in the beginning. Mikala is only 18#'s approximately, at 19 months- very small for her age. Her finger dexterity is excellent, but with her walking she needs assistance. This morning she is taking a bottle. Her nickname is "Peanut"; today we touring the museum-if weather permits- its been raining for the last two days. Pollution in Changsha is nothing compare to Beijing. The museum in Changsha is supposely over 2000 years old. End of Report- God Bless.

Yesterday I got my sister, and I was so thrilled! I played on the floor with her and had a lot of fun she is so cute but is little, so everyone is calling her little peanut. She is bonding to Mom very well, but likes to play with me from a distance. But Mikala does not bond with Daddy much. Overnight she slept 11 hours, she was so cute when she was sleeping, but she coughed a lot. This is from Logan.

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Nancy Korb said...

Logan and Glenn, you have to know that Mikala hasn't been exposed to too many men in her short life. Susan seems safe because she's a girl...but all of this is very new and very strange to her right now.

Remember too that the food they give them there isn't always the most nutritious. Introduce her to baby food and finger foods...and whatever it is that you're eating. She'll figure out that it isn't poison after awhile. And she'll also figure out that you belong to her and then God help you. She'll run the show.

God bless all of you. I'm so happy for you, but I can't wait for you to be home.


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