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Friday, March 10, 2006

Five days until we leave!

And things are NOT going as planned lol. Our agency said that we would receive our passports and Travel Approval letter from them on Wednesday, so what do I do? I cancel my whole morning to wait, wait, wait....Nothing came. On Wednesday afternoon I was told "Ops! Sorry, won't be there until tomorrow!" Well Thursday Logan had a play at school...You guessed it! In the morning. Much to his disappointment and mine I could not go because Glenn would not get home early enough. So here I am canceling another mornings "things to do" list and what happens next? We received only half of our package! No passports, no visas....So here I am again today...Waiting and waiting and waiting....

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Nancy Korb said...

The Lord teaches us patience when it's necessary. You have chosen to adopt a special needs child and beautiful as she is, you will need every ounce of patience that the Lord has brought to bear upon you.

God Bless You and Keep you ON YOUR JOURNEY. The Lord chastises and corrects those that he loves, but he always has very good reason for what he does.


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