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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ok its official....

We are sick, sick, and sick. Mikala's cold seems better, but Glenn and I are really suffering. The flight to Gz just made things so much worse even though it was only an hour. Mikala is still not sleeping though. She wakes up every hour whimpering so I have found it easier for my sanity to just let her into bed with me. She will fall right back to sleep that way. I am really hoping that we are not creating a monster here LOL. Today (Saturday!!!) we went to the clinic for Mikala's physical exam; piece of cake. She didn't think so of course, but it went really quick. She weighs 17lbs. Afterward we went shopping. This is very much a tourist area and so the shopping is as such. The famous White Swan is OK if you are a couple on a romantic getaway or a business man looking to impress clients, but it is just not a good place for a toddler or children-room wise. There is hard, cold tile with just a small amount of carpet. The tub is very deep and inaccessible for giving a decent bath. At the Dalton they had given us a small tub to put inside the tub and she sat perfectly in there. And the bathroom is so small you can't possibly have more than one person in there at a time. They do try to make this a adoption-friendly place and are very courteous. The breakfast buffet was good, and the lobby is beautiful. There is also a nice playroom...So as long as you do not plan to stay in your room at ALL its pretty good. Definitely not the real China though. I will post pictures probably tomorrow. We are walking to church in the morning.

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Nancy Korb said...

Dear Susie: It sounds really heartwarming that Mikala trusts you so much that she wants to be that close all the time. She's figured out where her security is already. But you're right...there is the danger that you're creating a monster. She'll get past it.

Is there a doctor that you or Glenn could see there? I'm praying Lord please touch my friends and keep them safe until the return home. Watch over them and help them feel better in this stranger's land.

Is Logan okay? How soon until you come home now?


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