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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We are SOOO ready!!

It finally hit me as I was cleaning up Mikala's room, you know making sure there was no dust, dog hair, the pillows and stuffed animals were fluffed and just so, SOMEONE is actually going to wear all these clothes!!!!!!! I couldn't help it, I started bawling! All of our T's are finally crossed and our I's dotted...the bags are packed and by the door...the house is clean...and the dogs will be cared for...WE ARE READY!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much to all of you who sent us prayers and well wishes....we will always remember your kindness.


Nancy Korb said...

Okay, so for the next 18 hours or so, you need to concentrate on something else, or you'll have yourself worn to a frazzle. You're so emotional anyway. lol.

Please be ever so careful overseas. Things seem to be so volatile. Get little Mikala and get out of there fast. And remember your computer so you talk to me while you're overseas. Okay?

I love you, ya know.

Wendy said...

Keep us posted. Have a great time in China, it is a trip of a lifetime!
Enjoy your time and soak it all in!
Bye for now.

Wendy said...

You are probably in China now! Hope you had a great plane ride.

Nancy Korb said...

give the baby a kiss from her Aunt Nancy.


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