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Thursday, March 16, 2006

We're here!!!

Just want to let everyone know that we are finally in Beijing China!! What a LLLOOONNGGG , crowded, cramped, (did I say long?!) flight!! Our first impression of China was that they LOVE heat! They must have had the airport heat cranked to 90 degrees! And once outside it was not much better, the temperture was nice but not cold, and very dry. So here we are, from Florida, taking things off and everyone else is bundling up lol. Our guide is very nice, really wants us to be comfortable. The hotel is OK. We went out last night and had chinese, mine was very good. Glenn liked mine better than his and Logan liked his well enough except for all the tiny chicken bones...YIKES! We were extremely exhausted and went to sleep about 830pm (time here) last night, slept until about 11pm and we were all out of bed by 130am and have been up ever since! We are getting ready to go and tour the Great Wall, Jade factory, and Forbidden City! Maybe, just maybe we will sleep tonight!! Basically, I think we are all three just passing time until Monday!!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it. Enjoy, I look forward to your posts. And yes, I remember how looooong the flight was!
Have Fun,
Jen Garofalo
China Pearls

Wendy said...

I know it will be a long day since you didn't get much sleep, but at least you are off the plane!
Have fun!

Nancy Korb said...

When do you get to go see the baby?

Say hi to Logan for me. And let us know when you see the baby!!!

Be careful what you eat.

Are going anywhere near Hong Kong? My husband visited there years ago and the restaurants there are wonderful. He says take the Tram up Victoria Peak. He was last in Hong Kong in 1972 and he says he was very tall there.

julie said...

I LOVE YOU!!! Can't wait for the 4 of you to come home!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you guys cannot wait to see and meet you little girl. I am glad you made it OK, just think next year at this time you will be thinking when did we go again (ha ha). I will keep in touch. Take care and love the pics
Beverly, Todd
& Kids


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