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Sunday, June 04, 2006

what a busy week!

This was Logan's last week of school...and so there were activities and finals all week. I also think (and hope) that Mikala has reached a turning point. We had such an incredible week!! She is SO happy all the time now, seldom whines or cries and listens!! She seems to be comprehending everything we say to her and responds appropriately. We are TRUELY blessed. She is so much more than we could have ever hoped for! I am honestly convienced that if you give a child structure,love and some degree of choice, you will get so much more in return! We simply cannot imagine what life was like before our children...ok enough sappiness :-) Enjoy the pictures!!!  Posted by Picasa


Nancy Korb said...

Little girls are always crazy about their daddys. Mikala doesn't seem to be any exception. Remember when she was so afraid of him? What a difference.

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