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Friday, July 14, 2006

another rough night

Mikala had a pretty good morning yesterday but it went downhill from there. She was having a lot of pain so we called the Dr. Originally we were not allowed to give here ibuprofen, but he told us since it had been two days it would be ok. She perked up for a while after that but was up every 1/2 hour through the night whimpering...really breaks your heart. We have determined that it is not her mouth that is bothering her so much but her ears. She had the ear tubes put in during her surgery to help drain the fluids, and I believe that that has been really bothering her as she is tugging on the left ear. We have not been using the arm braces...poor girl could not do anything with them on, we instead use mittens (with the thumbs) during the day and those baby mittens taped on at night (no thumbs). It is working out very well.

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Wendy said...

I have had tubes three times! The one thing to really pay attention too is noise level. You cannot imagine how loud everything seems after surgery--deafening, even whispers seem loud.
Just a little extra info.
Best to you.


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