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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Day 4-post op

Hi all just wanted to post day 4. Mikala has really not improved at all. She is still having a load of trouble with her ears. I tried a few things today to see if it would help based on some good advice I recieved in my search for relief for her. I put cotten in her ears to help with the possibilty of sensitivity to sound, and since we have ceiling fans I thought that might also help in case the air was bothering her. I put her up on her pillows during her nap so that she was almost sitting and, finally, I used warm compresses (that did not go over well since she does not want me to even look at her ears let alone hold a warm cloth to them! We recieved some success in the way that she actally slept finally for 3-hours and woke up somewhat calm and with a small smile. She seemed a little calmer after her nap but still unhappy, we have to work pretty hard for those smiles! I have high hopes that tonight she will get a better nights sleep and that tomorrow will be even better. We are returning to the doctor on Monday for follow up and maybe he can help shed some more light on the situation. By the way...this is Mikala's Mr. Teddy.... Posted by Picasa

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Wendy said...

Great idea to limit the fan--I forgot to mention wind. The moist heat of the warm rag may be bothering her, not the actual heat, just the moisture. I know you can't use a heating pad at her age, but if you can use a just dried washcloth or something that may work--too bad they don't stay hot long.
She should adjust to the noise level within a week or two at the most.
The drainage may also bother her. I had pains in my ears on occasion when the tubes were in--when harder wax tried to pass through--temp. pain.
Hoping she feels better soon.



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