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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Post op visit

First off, I want to thank everyone for their comments and emails, they do make a difference!! We really do have great family & friends and are so blessed to know you all!! Mikala's post op was nothing short of frustrating. The doctor completely went on the defense when it came to the obturator falling apart. We had to tell him several times that we were not bringing a lawsuit against them, we just wanted to know why it fell apart, how they could concieve to produce something that so easily fell apart, and to make sure it didn't happen again in the future to someone elses child. That said, his "new" plan is to see if her tonsils might need to be taken out (they were swollen) and that, they may have contributed to the stress on the sutures along with the fact that their just isn't a lot of skin back there to work with. He says "next time" he will probably do the P-flap (which is to use skin from the throat to lenghth the palate). I HIT THE ROOF at this point (I had actually stayed quiet and let Glenn handle things until then). I told him that he had orignally said he was going to do the P-flap and that when I mentioned it just before surgery he had changed his mind! Of course hindsight and all that came to play and blah, blah, blah. We also got the "I am the best/have done the most in the state of Florida" speech. Don't professionals at this point KNOW that this is not helpful as a closing arguement? Needless to say it is all water under the bridge. We have to wait and see, and in the mean time we do plan to seek other opinions. So far her entire soft palate has reopened but the good news is that her hard palate is looking pretty darn good. She has been given the clearance to return to a normal diet and is sooooo much happier! Isn't it amazing what food can do? lol. Time to move on and let things go for now.

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Wendy said...

I am so glad she gets to eat again!!!
I am sorry you are having such trouble, I had a similar response after Madeline's first hand surgery when I thought the fingers were totally repaired--not expecting surgery number two. I know now why, but at the time I was on fire!
Have you talked with Caroline (Lyssa's mom); I think they have a really great surgeon in the DC area. Just a thought.
Hope she feels better soon!


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