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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Update and other stuff...

There is much to update and I am sorry to have neglected things for soooo long! Miss Mikala is doing well, we have been working with her speech therapist on her diet and helping her to eat without the choking we had before. We avoid those foods that have become culprits and encourage her to drink fluid between bites to help keep her mouth clear. Her speech therapist thinks that once things have healed we will not have these choking issues. The stitches in the hard palate are doing great! We have high hopes that at least that part will be successfully closed for good. She is extremely excited about turning 3 on Thursday!! This year it is so amazing, she knows so much more than last year and comprehends everything!! We have finally hit the "Why" stage, and everything now has a "why?" attached to it. "Why can't I stay up 5 more minutes?" "Why can't I have more ice cream?", "Why isn't Lo-lo home?", "Why do we have to leave?"....I haven't yet gotten annoyed by it though I know that day is coming quick, right now its darn cute!
Logan continues to thrive this summer. He has really bonded with his Dad on a whole new level, and is showing such maturity! He is a great big brother (most of the time), and helps around the house without being asked (I know, its amazing!!!). We really are so proud of these two and how far they have come. I am not looking forward to Logan going back to school. He says he is though! He says he has had enough summer and is looking forward to the coming school year.

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Karen said...

Mikala is getting so big. I cannot get over how much she has changed since we were in China. Amazing what a year+ can do.


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