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Monday, July 23, 2007


Hi all! Sorry its been so long since I have given an update...thanks to those who have asked if everything was OK, its nice to know you care!! We have been having a lot of issues with Mikala's palate reopening this time. She has almost every meal/snack coming through her nose now, and we have had some pretty scary choking. On Friday I notice what looks like exposed muscle on the left side of the opening. We tried for several hrs to get in touch with the surgeon, but he was unavailable so we called our pediatrician and he sent us back down to the hospital where her surgeon is located to have him look at it. After a 3-hr drive, the surgeon took a quick, and I do mean quick look and said everything is fine, go home. He said that muscle is left exposed all the time and there is nothing he can do. With regards to the choking, he said her speech therapist would have to help with that. We are seeing her pediatrician today to go over what the surgeon had said and to have someone look a little closer to make sure everything is OK. She is snoring loudly at night now too and completely wired during the day, so I do not think she is getting good sleep at night. Other than all of that, she is back to her laughing, happy self, and we are soooo happy to see that!!! I have posted some pictures of her mouth, she is still pretty defensive so they are not very good, but you can see the holes.
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Wendy said...

Poor girl, at least she is happy. The choking sounds so scary, I choke a lot due to reflux issues and it freaks me out! I hope she can get some help soon or at least find a way to work around it.

Good luck little one! We are all thinking of you and your family.


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