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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First day of 6th grade!!

He was so happy to go this morning....Up out of bed with the energy a Mom & Dad can only envy! We enjoyed a nice ride since our school time is, after the high school starts and before the middle school, so the traffic was not bad at all! Logan's new school (http://www.cffusa.com/pages/schools/k12new/home.htm) had a chapel session for the students and we all prayed for a good year. It was very nice and you could tell that the students were excited to be there. Logan has 12- kids in his class comprising of grades 5th, 6th and 7th. I would have to say that k-12 only has a TOTAL of about 60 students! What a nice change from a big school where you feel like you'll get lost in the shuffle! As Mikala and I left this morning we were both a little sad....she said "Mom, Lo-Lo happy"?, I said, "Yes, baby, Lo-Lo is happy".
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Lauren and Ed said...

GOSH lOGAN HAS GROWN UP SO MUCH SINCE I HAVE SEEN HIM LAST. I am sure he will have lots of new "girl" friends at the new school! :)


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