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Thursday, January 31, 2008

another update

Well what they predicted would take 1.5 hrs took 4 hours due to all the scar tissue. The doctor says the P-flap went well. No need for ear tubes. They casted her arms from armpit to wrist and have sewn her tongue to her cheek.....SHE IS PISSED!!!!!!!!!! She is throwing some major tantrums and so they have tried to sedate her...But Thank you God, she is out and full of life!! I will send another update soon....Thanks to everyone for their support and prayers!!


Lauren and Ed said...

Oh gosh, Susan! It just breaks my heart, but THIS HAS TO WORK FOR HER THIS TIME! Major prayers are coming your way!

Beverly said...

I'd be pissed to not to move my arms. Bless her little heart.


Wendy said...

A long, long day. M had the armpit casts as well, how long are you looking at? We were 8 weeks and then months of splints and by the end I was going crazier than her! The second time around was only one arm, easier, but still a pain.
Get a drum she can beat on--she will love it. She will manage to learn how to use a cup, but of course you will have to feed her--trust me, they learn to love it. The big crayons are very manageable with the casts, but pencils and pens are hard. Big building blocks will work out with a bit of help, but mainly a lot of reading took center stage. It is manageable, I promise.

Glad to hear she is full of spunk--a good sign.

Wendy said...

Do you have another update for us? How is she doing? I hope all is well!


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