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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Update on Mikala's cleft surgery at Shriner's Chicago

The stitch in her tongue was removed yesterday. She is drinking sip by sip and full of spitfire. She gets upset quickly if her hair so much as gets close to her face...(Glenn says she imagines it most of the time lol). She is laughing and talking but very moody and slids from one end of the spectrum to the other quickly. She is on some heavy duty pain meds this time and when they wear off she'll let you know!! All in all though her personality is starting to shine through. I cannot tell any real differences in her speach as of yet, but I swear I heard an "S" yesterday. I will update once she is home on that. She will be home LATE tonight, so long as it stops snowing!!!

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Wendy said...

I bet she is super happy to have fun movement of her tongue again and being able to sip something is always wanted desperately after surgery since the throat is so dry. I am sure most of her moodiness is the meds--and irritation of being in the hospital.
So glad she gets to come home!!!


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