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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Changing of the guards..

THEY ARE HOME!!!! They got home LATE last night (after midnight!). I couldn't believe how very, very much I missed them and have vowed NOT to let Mikala out of my sight any time soon!!! She gave me the hardest, biggest hug and WOULD NOT LET GO!! All in all she is in pretty good spirits, a little ornery at times, and is certainly aware of her power lol. Once the pain medication wears off, she lets you know! She LOVES her casts...because they are PINK...and had to have a pink dress on this morning to match! She was sure happy to play with her brother this morning and he with her. Stay tuned...more when I have time!!
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Wendy said...

She is looking good! So glad they didn't cover her hands!!! It should be all the difference in the world, not being able to color and write really bothered M--another thing you can have her do.

Get well soon kiddo!btw--after a few days she may complain of arm pain, the stiffness is also pretty painful when they take them off. Advil works best.

Lauren and Ed said...

Gosh, she looks great...like nothing ever happened! So glad to see her looking perky! Big Hugs!


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