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Friday, March 07, 2008

All About Shriner's Chicago

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What a GREAT place!! As you can see, there are toys, books, games, and TWO playgrounds...one indoor, and one outdoor. This place is ALL about the kids. After our appointment, we had 5 hours to waste before flying home and it was not a problem here at all. This place ROCKS! But I know that is not what you are dying to hear about....you want to know about Miss Mikala! WE HAVE A PALATE!!!! YIPPPPPEEEEE!!!!! We are so pleased to announce that her palate is BEAUTIFUL! Initially she had a small hole...well, let me tell you how GREAT our God is...that hole CLOSED!! We give Him all the glory here, there is no doubt in our minds that He has been a part of this healing. Mikala is so happy, she will open her mouth right up and show it off! For Mom and Dad, the BEST present was hearing our sweetie say "Look, I can chew on both sides now!!" She just lit up with her grand announcement!
We do have some continued speech issues though. She is still somewhat hypernasal. The speech therapist is unable to conclude that this is habitual verses p-flap failure though since they cannot do a scope on her (she is just too small). She said that a lot of times children are "used" to talking this way and that with strengthening of the new muscles and practice, practice, practice, we could be just fine!! They plan to monitor her closely and go from there. HALLELUJAH!!! Thanks to all of our prayer warriors and well wishers...its been a long road but we felt your support!!

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Jie Jie to Sarah Lu & Chayah too said...

Great blog! Your little girl is just gorgeous!
My little sister goes to Shriners Chicago for her cleft repair as well.
We think they are AMAZING too!


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