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Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have been Tagged!! by Amy over at http://mypreciousdaughter.blogspot.com/ to tell 7 weird things about myself....
  1. I actually like the smell of the animals at the fair....I know this is weird because I hear others complain about it and I am feeling completely at home.
  2. My son says my laugh is weird, not sure why though?
  3. I like to shop alone.....can't figure out why so many woman like to shop together, I can't consentrate when someones with me!
  4. I am terrible at small talk....just cannot think of anything to say, and its weird because if a subject that I am comfortable with comes up, I can talk nonstop!!
  5. I have a shy bladder, its better than it used to be though....I couldn't pee in a public restroom unless the person in the other stall started peeing first!!
  6. I hate high heels...I'd rather be barefoot!!
  7. I am not a clean person, but I am incredibly anal about everything being in its place....I absolutely cannot stand if there are things piled on tables that should be put away!!
  8. BONUS!! I cannot sleep in my bed unless it is made....think..."Princess and the pea"......

Ok, my turn to tag! Lets see your weirdness: http://growingupgarcia.blogspot.com/ (Jen)

http://kyliealanahua.blogspot.com/ (Julie)

http://ourturbulentlife.blogspot.com/ (Karen)

http://www.crazy-eight.blogspot.com/ (Coleen)

1 comment:

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Fun facts! (You are braver than me...I would be too shy to post #5! LOL!) I found your blog via Crazy-8!


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