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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Bit Disgruntled

This week we are trying to squeeze a little bit of FUN in before school starts. Yesterday we went to our local pool, they have just opened a new splash pad and it looked pretty cool. They kiddos had a blast and while I was trying to capture some photos, I was told I was not allowed. "What??!!" Apparently, someone had taken some unflattering video and posted it on UTUBE. SOOO, now there is a sign posted that no photos or video can be taken-"Thank you to this person, now I can't even take pictures of my own kids in public." Here are the few pics I did get before they shut me down :-(

  • pool-000-Page-3

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Karen said...

It's sad that people make choices like that and it effects everyone else. I have been told that I can't take pictures at lots of places around here. It's pretty sad when you aren't even able to get pictures of your own kids. I work really hard to try and keep others out of my photos. So it upsets me also.


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