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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Unit Study: day 3

Mark 1:12-13

13 And the Spirit immediately drove him out into the wilderness. He was in the wilderness forty days, tempted by Satan; and He was with the wild beasts; and the angels waited on Him.

Lent lends much of its potency to the forty days Jesus spent in the desert to prepare for His ministry. The Bible says He was tempted there, but maybe a more truthful translation might be "tested." The Jewish view of the desert was a habitat of demons, especially that part of the desert where winds would howl around tall, rough stone. It must have been terrifying at night: dark, looming shapes, unearthly wailing of wind, and nothing else. How lonely that would have been!

When Jesus entered the desert, he left behind all the expectations of others, all the hopes, all the illusions. It was just Jesus and the Father; in the Holy Spirit. However, in isolation, demons come. No role is more dangerous than the reformer. There were at least three wrong ways to be the Messiah, and Jesus rejected them all.

In this place, Jesus was afforded the opportunity to be the wrong kind of messiah. He rejected each possibility.

The conquering of Satan during this testing became a win over evil through the Cross and Resurrection.

This was our focus for discussion on day 3. Since we are only doing these 4 days per week, we have been choosing 2 slips of paper from the jar each time. Miss Miki chose "Watch an Easter related movie" initially, and since we run at least 4 nights a week, we decided to save that one for Wednesday; our non-running day. I taped the Ten Commandments and am looking forward to sharing this popular Easter movie with the kiddos. We had Mikala pick again, and this time she came up with making "Easter cards for someone". I had the children chose 2 people they would like to send cards too and each designed their own. This became a great lesson for Miki on addressing an enveolpe!

Gwenny chose the "sand", and so began our discussion of Jesus and His 40 days in the desert. Below you will see that we chose a beautiful crystal bowl in which to place our sand to remind us that during times of loneliness and temptation, you can always count on God!

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