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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Unit Study: Day 4

Handel's Messiah A sacred oratoria 1741
Today we learned about the German composer Handel (1685-1759). Handel was quite respected by Beethoven and Mozart. Handel was quite tall with large features, both physically and spiritually. He endured much opposition from church and peers, but his generous, forgiving heart just grew in its expansive love. He was buried in Westminster Abbey (1759) . His tomb reads:
"I Know That My Redeemer Liveth."

We also studied the Paschal greeting. According to Wikipedia this greeting is commonly used during Easter celebration by Christians, as well as among some Catholic and Protestant Christians. Instead of "hello" or its equivalent, one is to greet another person with "Christ is Risen!", and the response is "Truly, He is Risen" or "He has Risen indeed!" In Russia, it is also customary to exchange a triple kiss on the alternating cheeks after the greeting.

You can listen to Handel here: http://www.tks.org/HANDEL/Messiah.htm


Norah said...

My fingers know Handel, but it's nice to read about him as well. Thanks!

Christine said...

Nice drawings.

tiger said...
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