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Monday, November 29, 2010

The challenge.....

We DO have a riding mower, we just can't seem to get it started!
So...the challenge is to mow 1.25acres using a PUSH mower (NOT self-propeled either!) As you can clearly see the acre has grown as tall as Gwenny!!
Yesterday was a b-e-a-utiful day, so I set out to get this pending chore started...I did not ask for help from anyone...just plugged in my headphones...set the dial to praise music and started singing my way through the brush. Low and behold!! I learned something...something PRICELESS!!! If you look like your having a great time, your kids will want to join the fun, AND the amazing thing?? They had a great time too...faces were....SMILING!!
I am SO, absolutely, sore today...but it was worth it!!

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Norah said...

I give you credit! Lots of it! Our property is similar in size and DH uses a push mower (self propelled) , but you better believe a larger mower is on his wish list! Good exercise though. He refuses to get a ride on for that very reason!


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